Looking for Love

Looking for Love

It can be hard to be turned down all the time when you are a guy looking for love. Women complain all the time that guys don’t want a relationship, yet there you are. So what gives? Take a good assessment of yourself. While you may not think you are the best looking guy around, what are your positive qualities? What things about your appearance may be sending out a negative vibe?

Looking for LoveWhile you should look the way you want, don’t scare women off!  It may be time for a change such as a shave or a haircut. If you have a beard or mustache, make sure you take the time to keep it well groomed. If you look sloppy with your clothing, then women may be getting the impression that you don’t care enough about yourself. They won’t find you interesting and they won’t want to hang out with you.

Are you coming on too strong? Women enjoy being chased a bit so if they feel like you are placing them in a trap from the start, instinctively they are going to run. Don’t be the smooth talker that tosses line after line at them. It is true, women have usually heard them all over and over! They will be on to you before you know what happened!

Women will be turned off by a guy that doesn’t have any self-confidence. Ironically, the more you are turned down the less confidence you will have. Yet you need to work on it, fake it until you can really mean it. Women really do value self-confidence so if you get that established it will really help you to be more attractive to women.

Yet you still need to be genuine. Don’t come across as self-absorbed. Ask lots of questions to show that you are really interested in the woman that you are talking to. Pay attention to small things that she will like too. For example, open a door for her, say excuse me, and be polite to others around you. By putting her at ease, she will want to spend more time with you.

Women also love a guy with a sense of humor. Come up with a few jokes to tell but make sure they aren’t racist, sexist, or going to give a bad impression of you. Smile often too because that will help a woman to see you are at ease with yourself. A bit of cologne can also make a woman more instinctively attracted to you due to the pheromones that they contain.

Where do you go to pick up women regularly? If it is always the bar scene, you already know it isn’t working for you. Expand your locations for finding women and see how that changes things for you. Consider joining a co-ed sports team, signing up at the gym, even volunteering at community events. You can also find women at the grocery store, the museum, and various other local attractions.

As you change your mind set about yourself, you will find that women do as well. After all, how can you expect a girl to want to spend time with you if you don’t really enjoy yourself? Perhaps it is time to take yourself off the market for a bit. Find new passions, change some lifestyle habits, and then put yourself back out there when you are completely happy with who you are and what you have to offer! It may be time to change the type of women you go after as well. As you make such changes you are going to see improvements in your love life that work well for you!

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